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Back in the garden

We saw the hematologist/oncologist on Monday and stopped by the healing garden. Though I believe in the garden's restorative powers, they're apparently not strong enough to fix someone's refusal to cooperate for photos. But hey... I'll settle for questionable smiles if the garden focuses on the leukemia. Despite our brief hospitalization last week/weekend, Ramon is feeling better every day; we're extremely grateful for that.

Next up on the agenda is a bone marrow biopsy, which is scheduled for next week. A big part of me was hesitant to share this because it is a very significant (and anxiety-provoking) test. Then I remembered it is a very significant (and anxiety-provoking) test, and we could use your support. So, in the coming days (and weeks as we await results), muster up some positive energy for us. We will be sure to update you all when the time is right.

Most importantly, and the real reason for my post, is that I want to shed more light on someone else's fight with AML. On the same day Ramón was diagnosed with AML, a mother in California was, too. How do I know this? Instagram. Corrina and her daughter, Vida, are desperate for a bone marrow donor. Patients are most likely to find a match with the same ethnic background, and only 11% of the registry is Latino. White people have a 77% chance of finding a match on the registry, but the percentages are dramatically lower for other ethnicities. Please consider joining; it's as easy as the swab of a cheek.

Lastly, I want to send some love to everyone out there who's fighting a battle - no matter what the challenge looks like. If it disrupts your peace, it is valid. Let's celebrate fall (weather coming tomorrow!) by lifting each other.

It felt good to be back in the garden.


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