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Making this our bench

Three weeks ago we were stepping into unfamiliar places, and now we're familiar faces. Though we'd love to be home, we've found that 20 days is the hospitalization sweet spot.

  • To make an iced mocha drink, get up at 6ish and brew a half-cup of coffee. Then, fill a cup with ice from the machine. Proceed to call the meal line and request a chocolate milk. While waiting on the chocolate milk to arrive, your coffee will cool. On desperate mornings, drink a hot coffee to endure the 30-minute test in patience. Once the chocolate milk arrives, combine all ingredients. BOOM. Optional: Still get Starbucks within the next four hours.

  • Did you know that, after 20 consecutive days in the hospital, you get complimentary valet parking? Strangely, after investing a small fortune in parking, we don't know if we're ready to go home and forfeit this hard-earned privilege. To be continued...

  • You officially reach the point of no shame. This means there's no limit on how long you wear clothing, how many patterns you're wearing, etc. It also means you can wear llama pajama pants backwards for 6+ hours, venturing all over the hospital (perhaps Wednesday, May 22), without anybody saying a word because they know this is how you operate.

  • Lastly, you find your safe haven. Our new favorite spot is in the Healing Garden. We go there, listen to the water fountain, and think healing thoughts. We believe in our hearts that we've got this. We're blanketed in your support and positive energy; every thought makes a difference. The doctors are quite pleased with Ramón's progress, and Ramón is demonstrating incredible strength in every sense. When you think of us, know that we're here making this our bench. Appreciate you all!


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