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Drew as a toddler, sporting blonde hair and a striped shirt

About Drew

Let's go over some things about me.

Oh, Snap

Welcome to my life.

My name is Drew, and I am a lady, though not very lady-like. Life started out very promising. I was a baby model and even have pictures with a fake family to prove it. Things went downhill from there. At two years old, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF). I once told a woman named Elizabeth that I had CF, and she politely responded, "Isn't that deadly?" Yes, yes it is. Thanks for asking.

Despite a life expectancy of 18 years old (back in the mid-1980s), I continue to stick around, though I never modeled again. I went to college and tried the whole work-in-the-office-and-wear-nice-clothes-and-never-say-how-you-really-feel thing, but it didn't fulfill me. While I was doing the 9-to-5 nonsense, I became interested in improv and spent about a decade with others laughing at my expense. I retired from that in 2017 to pursue my next passion: writing.

In 2011, I got a little sidetracked by an amazing guy named Ramón who entered my life. I didn't think I'd grow old enough to marry, so it wasn't part of my plan, but we did it anyway in 2015. Life has a funny way, though, because Ramón died in 2020 from complications of leukemia treatment. We were each other's biggest fans. Now, here I am.

Though I knew life was precious from a young age, I gravitated toward comfort and security, but guess what? Not no more, folks. I am now in the phase of life where I do what I want, when I want, all while being true to myself.

After all, we're always living and dying. 

- grateful for you -


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