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The straight and marrow

You know how sometimes things work out perfectly with no loose ends and complete closure, like a beautifully wrapped gift with a bow on top? And other times you cut the wrapping paper just a tad small and are too stubborn to waste it, so you begin piecing together a patchwork of paper to hide the gaps that show what’s inside? Then, next thing you know, the present looks more like papier-mâché than anything, but you feel like you invested way too much time in it, so you decide to give it as-is and tell yourself the person is an ungrateful punk if the hideously wrapped box detracts from what’s inside?

Well, we saw the hematologist/oncologist today, and let’s just say the information we received wasn’t wrapped by a professional at the mall who uses double-sided tape. Instead, we got news that was more fragmented than we’d like, but we’re thankful nonetheless. Ramón’s recent bone marrow biopsy showed some remaining abnormalities, but nothing too alarming. He’ll have another biopsy in a month, and those results will be more informative since they can confirm he’s heading in the right direction. So, while it’s a little more hodgepodge than is ideal, we realize that’s the nature of the beast. And we'll just stay on the straight and marrow.

Ramón and I recently encountered this quote by Gilda Radner about cancer: “If it weren’t for the downside, everyone would want to have it.” She was right. The past 171 days have been stressful, yes, but they’ve also highlighted what’s important in our lives. As always, we thank you for wrapping us in love – with an unreasonably large, sparkly bow on top.

A montage of hospital/clinic selfies


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