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Four words to cherish

Four words to cherish in the world of cancer: We got good news! Ramón’s bone marrow biopsy shows that we’re ready to head to stem cell transplant. Though some details are still up in the air, we know that Ramón’s sister, YuSun, will be his donor. YuSun is a half match, but she’s 100% committed to helping out her “little” brother.

Ramón and YuSun in Puerto Rico, December 2011

We’re back at home with the dogs until Ramón is readmitted for transplant in the next few weeks. The transplant process is very intense, but we’re up for the challenge. Please keep YuSun top of mind as she travels from Michigan to Georgia in the coming days to deliver Ramón’s new blood formation system. Given the importance of staying healthy, she’s driving to Atlanta and staying until her cells are collected for transplant. Send YuSun (and her family who will be missing her!) good vibes in the weeks to come.

I’m keeping this short because we don’t know all the answers and, even if we did, we’re doing our best to live in the now. We’re grateful to deliver the words “we got good news,” knowing that those words aren’t often said (sequentially) in the cancer dialogue. And, though we are all dealing with a heightened level of uncertainty, we can make one promise we can keep: share love, that's all (


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