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Day +9: Cloud not-so-nine

Today has been, by far, the scariest day of my life. This morning, at about 5:25, Ramón lost his airway, most likely due to swelling caused by an infection or allergic reaction. He went into cardiac arrest and ultimately had to be resuscitated. During the process, Ramón had to be intubated. He is now sedated and on a ventilator in the ICU. I was required to leave due to the ICU’s no visitor policy, but I was able to hold his hand before I left, and I am grasping onto that memory until I’m able to return.

As traumatic as the day has been, the updates I’ve received have been encouraging thus far. Though Ramón is expected to remain on the ventilator for several days, they’ve gradually (and successfully) moved him down to the lowest setting throughout the day. He is requiring very little heart support at this time, which is a drastic improvement from this morning. The doctors are very encouraged that the first 12 hours have gone as smoothly as they have.

They’ve cooled his body down (therapeutic hypothermia) to try to reduce tissue injury. The next day or two will be critical as they warm his body back up and see how it reboots. I feel like I’ve cried wolf every other time I’ve asked for your thoughts and prayers because we need them more than ever. I probably won’t respond to any messages, but I appreciate them.

As Ramón’s doctor said on the phone just a bit ago, from a medical perspective, “A day that started very poorly has actually been a good day for Ramón.” I will share more when it’s appropriate. I'm grateful for everyone in our corner.


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