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I said YES!*

*to an exciting new project!

If you do one thing today, follow Love Per DM on Instagram!

Logo reading Love Per DM in yellow and pink

Here's why: I've written a lot about my life with Ramón, but I've not written much about how we met—mostly because the story wrote itself. Well, Ramón and I wrote each other. For the 12 days leading up to our first date, we were modern-day pen pals. It started one night when I was performing improv at Whole World Improv Theater. Ramón was in the audience. He did some sleuthing after the show and found me on Facebook, then sent a friend request. I accepted. We used to argue over who "initiated" our relationship, both wanting to be the one who was pursued. "YOU messaged ME," he'd say.

"Yeah, after YOU friended me," I'd respond. He never backed down from the claim that I pursued him—even though he saw me perform and creeped his way into my friends list. I always told Ramón I was going to do something with our [increasingly bizarre] messages one day. With the help of Joy Alicia Raines, the super talented and social media savvy designer, "one day" begins today.

💗Follow Love Per DM on Instagram: @LovePerDM!💗

And tell your friends. The first message exchange drops later this week.

P.S. If you're not on Instagram, you can still follow along.


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