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Hopes and dreams

"Got any hopes and dreams for today?"

Ramón often asked me this on days we had together with no real obligations. I'd name an errand or a craving or the simple wish to spend a lazy day with him and the dogs.

And today, three years after his death, I think about my answer to "Got any hopes and dreams for today?"

To feel Ramón's presence more than his absence,

To smile and laugh and find the humor in it all,

To treat every being (including myself) with love and compassion,

To pause and appreciate every snippet of joy,

To be grateful for the almost 9 years we were together on this plane.

If asked my hopes and dreams for life, I'd echo the things I said above, and I'd add some more:

To never stop learning and growing,

To become the best version of myself,

To write in a way that enhances as many lives as possible,

To live with courage and gumption, recognizing life is temporary,

To love myself as much as Ramón loved me.

I love you today and always, Ramón Avocado. 🥑

And I hope and dream to always have hopes and dreams.


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