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tiny kindnesses

We watched a movie, Paterson, the other night, and the main character was a poet. It got me thinking about how much I used to love writing poetry when I was younger. That being said, I'm about to attempt to write a little who-knows-what-form-this-will-take poem.

tiny kindnesses

a smile, a wave, a hi met with eyes

thanks, of course, thinking of you guys

listen closely as though time is endless

wrapped in a hug, arms fully extended

a card, thumbs up, sending love your way

hold the door open, have a nice day

of the things we do some of the most timeless

are the why-just-because, tiny acts of kindness

This poem is dedicated to the exterminator who checked our house for critters today. We got to talking after he finished, and it was one of those feel-good chats where two people were fully present. We talked Falcons and chemo and hardwood floors and humility. Thank you, Bill.


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