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The gift of time

Look how fancy we get for other people's weddings and wear jeans to our own! I stumbled across this post the other day and realized I should probably write a sequel - though, really, it's more pertinent now than it was at the time. When we got married, we were young and bright-eyed and thought we were signing up for only one major illness. But life has a funny way of surprising you, huh? Ramón and I knew we were a good team before, but his cancer has italicized, underlined, and highlighted that belief. Our Sundays consist of going over the coming week's appointments between naps, our kitchen is basically a pharmacy, and one of us utters the words "I'm tired" hourly, at least. All things considered, we've found a way to have fun throughout [most of] this wild ride. Even a dumpster fire can be beautiful if viewed from the right angle!

Check out "Asking for the Gift of Time" on the CFF Community Blog:


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