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Stories of Grief: Drew Dotson

After losing Ramón, I began connecting with other widows on Instagram. (See? Social media has some benefits!) I stumbled upon the Forced Joy Project, created by cancer survivor and widow, Dana Frost.

Dana graciously gave me an opportunity to share my story of grief. Here's an excerpt:

What do you want others to know about grief?
To put it bluntly, grief is a real a-hole with a mind of its own. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, yet sometimes it inexplicably feels like you’re doing an awful job at it. When you feel sad, you question whether you should be further along. When you feel happy, it’s often accompanied by feelings of guilt. Grief is a real beast and, the more you try to domesticate it, the more unwieldy it becomes. It’s best to lean in and feel however you feel without judging it as right or wrong. Just allow it to be. As has been said for centuries, “What we resist persists,” and I think that’s especially true for grief. Make space for it so you can learn to coexist with it.

And thank you, Dana, for letting me share my story.

Over the moon on our cross-country RV trip!


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