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Share Love, That's All

Tomorrow marks three months since Ramón's cancer diagnosis -- uh, I mean, birthday. A few days after Ramón's diagnosis, surprise visitors arrived at the hospital: Lindsey and Mike. We hadn't met them before, but a mutual friend linked us up because Mike, too, had been diagnosed with leukemia three years prior. I missed their visit (because I was at the doctor, surprise!), but it lifted Ramon's spirits. I now know that, after cheerfully visiting Ramón in the morning, their nighttime plans were vastly different; the evening included a memorial service for a friend who'd lost her battle with leukemia. Imagine the heart and strength it must have taken to spread love on a day of such sorrow. Yet it's what they did and what they continue to do. Lindsey and Mike created a nonprofit, Share Love, That's All, with the goal of paying love forward to those who need it the most. At this moment in time, however, they are deserving of the same love they have committed to showing others.

In November 2016, Mike received a bone marrow transplant. As with other transplants, it is not uncommon for the recipient to face what's often referred to in organ transplant as rejection -- in other words, some slight bickering between the donor and recipient goods. In the bone marrow world, this is called graft versus host disease (GVHD). Mike has faced GVHD complications for quite some time, and, more recently, he has come down with a lung infection. After many infusions and a hospitalization, his doctors have determined that the best course of action is a lower right lung removal. Mike's surgery is next Tuesday, August 13, and we ask that you keep Mike, Lindsey, and their three children top of mind in the coming weeks. Throughout Mike's journey, they've encouraged people to #fightlikemike, and we implore you to fight like -- and for -- Mike as he undergoes this procedure.

If you'd like to show your support, please take a moment to learn more about their foundation and order a shirt if you'd like:

When Lindsey and Mike first visited at the hospital, they gifted us with t-shirts. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "and all I got was this t-shirt" after someone takes the trip of a lifetime and brings you back a lame souvenir. Well, we're on an expedition that I promise you do not want to be on, but you can still get an awesome t-shirt -- leukemia not included! If you #fightlikemike, you also #fightlikeramon and everyone else who finds the strength to carry on, no matter the circumstances. No one fights alone!

P.S. Quick Ramón update: After Ramón's hospitalization, his doctor decided to delay chemo by one week to allow his body more time to recover. Outpatient round 3 starts on Monday, August 12.


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