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Remembering Ramón

I think we’ve all had the same pressing question lately:

How do I live a life that's so amazing they name a bridge after me?

Just kidding.

But, as we near next weekend’s bridge dedication ceremony and after-party, it’s really hitting me that Ramón is getting a freakin’ bridge named after him. In his relatively short life, he made an impression that was deemed bridge worthy.

Ramón never planned on this whole bridge-dedication thing happening. Instead, the bridge is a byproduct of a life well lived. Ramón worked hard to pursue the things he was passionate about and made a positive difference to countless living things — people, animals, and the plants he didn’t kill.

Many of us express our desire to live a meaningful life and [often frustratingly] seek to define our purpose here. I don’t remember Ramón saying anything of the sort. Instead, he just made one heart-driven decision after another.

Together his choices mean that, every day, people will see his name along a certain stretch of a Georgia highway.

Focus on the next good decision — not the bridge.

I look forward to celebrating Ramón next weekend!

Next decision? Ice cream.


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