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Palm of her hand

We’ve had a productive week in isolation. Ramón’s sister, YuSun, arrived in Atlanta on Monday night before heading to Emory on Tuesday for a full day of pre-transplant visits. With each needle stick (Sibling voodoo?), YuSun remained faithful and is now eating a very strict diet – in quarantine – until cell collection a week from today.

So, as Ramón sits on his throne as the Pancake King, his sister is force-feeding herself broccoli, bananas, and peanuts (Oh my!). She’s also required to consume 8000mg of calcium a day, which is the equivalent of 26 glasses of milk. Please send YuSun strength as she prepares her body for stem cell collection. Though the food requirements don’t exactly make me salivate, I hope YuSun takes comfort knowing that, post-transplant, she’ll have Ramón eating from the palm of her hand.


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