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One sunset at a time

It’s our third night in the hospital, and we just witnessed the best sunset so far – a Fight Like Mike sunset. Throughout Ramón’s cancer treatment, I’ve shared the story of our friends Lindsey and Mike and their efforts to Share Love, That’s All. Last Sunday, after valiantly combating leukemia for four years, Mike peacefully passed away in his sleep. You can read more about Mike’s life here. Although we are admittedly sad, we continue to be inspired by him, especially as we venture into the unfamiliar world of transplant.

It’s day -5, which means transplant is a mere five days away. Ramón has one more dose of chemo tonight, and tomorrow he begins his first of four days of total body irradiation twice daily. We don’t yet know how he’ll respond to this, so send some love his way. We’re hoping for as few side effects as possible before Friday’s transplant. And we'll be doing our best to take it one sunset at a time.

All we need now is your positivity! An amazing friend is staying with the dogs at our house, so they’re all taken care of for the month(ish) that we’re here. For our own safety and protection, we are confined to our current floor, so we’re having to do what we can with this hospital food. We look at the menu constantly, making sure we didn’t overlook something that sounds exceptionally appetizing. But, above all, we’re grateful that Ramón’s transplant is able to move forward; many have been cancelled due to lack of resources, yet we’re here and we’re thankful for that. #fightlikemike


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