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Joyful June: I Broke Myself

As May drew to an end, I decided I wanted to approach June with a different perspective. Having become increasingly bogged down by the ins and outs of daily life, I liked the thought of making a conscious effort to look for the joy that exists in each day. And, if I had trouble finding it, I'd just have to create it.

I selected Instagram (@drewdled) as my forum for Joyful June, thinking it would allow me to take a snapshot and add a quick reflection. Here I'll catch you up on where Joyful June as taken me. And it's been a rollercoaster.

Saturday, June 1


The first five months of 2024 have been difficult, and I'm eager to recalibrate. Every day this month, I'm going to look for something that brings me joy, then pause to appreciate it.

Today I opened a jar of honey that greeted me with a smile. Better yet, the jar was extra special because it was a gift from my diagonal neighbors, who bee keep. When I'm sitting at my desk, the bees often stop by for a taste of what's in our yard. 🐝

Sunday, June 2

On this second day of #JoyfulJune, I'm thankful for photos that make me smile -- and good friends who take them!

Although there's nothing quite like the present moment, there's something magical about photos that transport you to a happy place.

Edited to add: Why was a friend feeding the dogs? I was in too much pain to explain.

Monday, June 3

Sometimes joy comes in the form of a snack. A chewy, fruity, spirit-lifting treat. When I need a little pick-me-up, a handful of Haribo will do the trick.

Edited to add: This photo is titled "Gummy Bears on Hospital Gown."

Tuesday, June 4 (The Reveal)

On Sunday I decided to rekindle my childhood/adolescent love for rollerblading. My rollerblade decided to go one direction while my leg went another. As I twisted in slow motion, the rollerblade stuck in place, my leg broke in three places.

A random stranger and an amazing neighbor helped get me into a car while I held my dangling s̶k̶a̶t̶e̶ foot. It was disgusting. We went to a shockingly deserted emergency room because they'd been diverting patients due to the Atlanta water crisis. But they welcomed me with open arms! Once we found out surgery was required, I had to transfer to another hospital with water and an open operating room.

Today after surgery I took my first steps with my titanium tibia.

So, for #JoyfulJune, I express my gratitude for the generous friends and neighbors who have helped in countless ways since Sunday morning.

(Did I mention John left Saturday for a month-long opera gig in Houston? Ha. Ha.)


Edited to add: Prior to surgery, the pain was so intense I could hardly function. With three breaks in my leg, my calf was in a perpetual charley horse. And each time the muscle spasmed, I could feel the misaligned bones grating against each other, threatening to break through the skin. I shudder just thinking about it.

Wednesday, June 5

Today's #JoyfulJune is limited by pain. But I'm so thankful for caring pups and loving friends. More tomorrow. ❤️

Friday, June 7

#JoyfulJune Day 7: Today the dogs and I had some special visitors! There's nothing quite as sweet as the love between kids and animals. It warmed my heart, and the dogs were thrilled, too!

I'm making progress day by day, and I'm grateful for all of it. ❤️ It's turning out to be a beautiful month. 🌞

Saturday, June 8

I never wanted to be that person who shows off their walker, but ... here we are. My walker flair is brought to you by washi tape. I celebrated #JoyfulJune by getting crafty!

Sunday, June 9

Here is a happy Benny who just returned home from a walk! His tail is the blur! Some super thoughtful neighbors offered to take the threegles for a spin around the block this evening. I'm so grateful to see the dogs happy, as their world has been unrecognizable in the week since I broke my leg.

Last night one of my neighbors compared our little section of the street to a college dorm. The street is the hallway, and we all just pop in and out of our houses as though we're still one layer removed from the real world. I've never lived somewhere with a sense of community quite like this, and the past week has further emphasized how much magic exists between our houses.

So today, for #JoyfulJune, I celebrate community. 🫂



Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me over the past week—through words and dog walks and lattes and meals and everything else a girl could fathom. John and I are so appreciative.

#JoyfulJune is far different than I imagined, but its beauty has brought me to tears. I feel so loved. So. Darn. Loved.

Keep the good vibes coming!

NOTE: My prior email address,, is no longer active, so please don't reply to the email notification. Instead email drewdotson at gmail dot com while I figure out how to adjust the settings.


Jun 11

I’m so sorry about your broken leg, Drew!! In true Drew form you are coming through this experience with grit, style, and wisdom for others to learn from. You’re amazing. 💞


Jun 10

Sending you lots of love, my friend. Wish we lived closer so I could bring over some soup!

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