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Join the Inspiration Parade!

Today is the first day of Creativity March!

You're probably thinking, "What is Creativity March?"

I'll tell you. Creativity March was born at a brewery (the birthplace of many good ideas) over dinner with my friend, Jennifer. The goal is to do something creative every day in March.

Why? Creativity helps foster your sense of agency. It makes you feel like you're in charge of your own life and actions.

And, despite creativity's numerous benefits as a mood enhancer, stress reducer, and immune booster, we often don't make time for it in our lives.

So, for 31 days, let's take charge of our lives by tapping into creativity. There are no rules. Nobody wins. Nobody gets kicked out. Nobody has to sit out of recess (Do they even recess [verb] anymore?)

Just like there is no "right way" to be creative, participate in any way you choose. For example, you can:

  • Join the Creativity March accountability group on Facebook

  • Post on social media using #CreativityMarch and #InspirationParade

  • Share in a different format, like your own website, a Google Doc, etc. (but please tell me! I wanna see!)

  • Text me/email me your creations

  • Comment them here

  • Keep them to yourself (only if you're greedy!)

Whether it takes 30 seconds or 30 minutes, you've still taken charge in a new way.

A note for the overthinkers: This decision doesn't require analysis of any kind. It's best if made impulsively. As I've learned all too well, thinking about creativity gets you nowhere. It's all in the doing.

“Action is identity. You have to do the verb to become the noun.” - Chase Jarvis, my current hero)


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