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I have done some things

Lately I've been in one of those funks where I struggle to give myself credit. I find myself thinking, "I don't do anything worthwhile," yet there is plenty of external evidence that proves otherwise. But rather than appreciating what I have done, I keep turning my focus to what I haven't done.

When I fall into this cycle, it's hard for me to climb out, but this post is my attempt to do that—to remind myself that I'm positively contributing to the world, that I'm growing as a person, that I'm pushing myself in new and different ways.

I now present a list of things I've done recently. It's not for praise or compliments or rah, rah, shish-boom-bah (which I just learned is supposedly "sis-boom-bah," but remember when we buried People-Pleasing Drew last month?). Instead, it's my attempt to pause and celebrate, which I rarely do in a world that moves at warp speed. Here goes!

  • In writer-y news, an essay I wrote, Memento Mori, was published last week in The Coachella Review. Literary journal for the win!

  • Love Per DM has surpassed 200 followers on Instagram, and it seems to be bringing people a lot of joy. New reel coming soon!

  • I recently managed Atlanta Beagle Rescue's Giving Tuesday fundraiser, and we raised a record-high $7,000. Yay beagles!

  • Two days ago, December 3, I graduated from a 12-week creative nonfiction writing program called PocketMFA. It pushed me in new ways, and I look forward to continuing to grow as a writer. We have a residency program in January, where I hope to soak up as much knowledge as I can.

  • I finished two more of Sydney Cummings Houdyshell's workout programs—Shred and Burn. Muscles on FIRE!

  • Oh, and I voted in today's runoff.

Life is overwhelming, and if you're struggling, you're not alone.

So many things compete for our attention, and we're set up to feel like we're "not doing enough"—whatever "enough" is. Between ads and social media and neverending articles that create a feeling of helplessless, it's easy to feel like satisfaction is unattainable.

That's when we've got to shift our focus to our own values, and let those be the measure. For example, authenticity and compassion are two of my personal values, and I know I've upheld those—no matter what's left unmarked on my to-do list.

A selfie of a brunette woman, outside in the sunshine, wearing a shirt that says "Writer." The photo has been edited with a purple hue.
Sooo artsy


Dec 06, 2023

You continue to do yourself proud. I always enjoy your messages.


Dec 06, 2023

Fantastic! And thanks.....again.


Dec 06, 2023

Yes, celebrate!!! There is a lot that we do when we are thinking about what we haven’t.

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