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"Which do you prefer: the beach or the mountains?"

"Oh, I'm definitely a beach person," I answered with aplomb, despite having never been to the mountains.

My family vacationed to the beach every summer, so I went with what I knew. The beach was familiar. The mountains were foreign.

My answer was a reflex rather than an actual response.

Here are some other things I've claimed without conscious thought:

  • "I don't do sushi." Now I can't get enough of it

  • "I'm not a tea drinker." I just finished a cup of peppermint tea.

  • "Dogs are too much responsibility." And then there were three.

It's easy to get lost in the stories we tell ourselves. But it's just as easy to edit them. Life is always in DRAFT mode.

Here's a photograph of last night's mountain sunset.

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