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Donate blood, platelets, and kindness

How can you help? That's the million-dollar question! For all practical purposes, we're taken care of, and we are grateful for that. We've got countless food options, tons of entertainment, an outpouring of love, and our attitudes are as good as can be (except when we have to constantly re-authenticate ourselves on the hospital's wireless network).

At this time, our biggest need is rest. The chemo has wiped Ramón out, as expected, and this hospital couch/bed is about as comfortable as I imagine glamping to be. While we focus on loafing around, here are a few things you can do to help out:

  • If you're able, donate blood or platelets, join the bone marrow registry, sign up to be an organ donor, etc. Ramón is pictured here receiving platelets (or frozen lemonade) again, and he'll continue to have these (and blood) transfusions as often as needed. There are many people fighting their own health battles, and giving a bit of yourself might mean giving someone new life.

  • Take a moment to do something kind for someone else: give a smile, a wave, or a compliment. You never know what someone is facing, and it takes very little time and energy to bring joy to others.

  • Keep thinking of us! We have never felt so loved, and it does wonders for the body and soul.

We appreciate you all! If we are slow to respond, we're likely napping, doing laps in the hallway, imagining what our dogs are doing, or just taking a mental break from the whole cancer thing. Thank you for your continued support!

And let us know if you donate blood, platelets, and kindness.


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