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Day +93 (today): Hospital Day 100 (yesterday)

A good day from sunrise to sunset

Today is day +93 since transplant, and yesterday was Ramón’s 100th consecutive day in the hospital. Though each individual day has felt exhaustively long, the days have merged together in a way that seems like no time has passed. Despite all the twists and turns that led us here, it was a good day. Some days feel like setbacks, and I find myself actively inventorying what’s wrong with this situation. However, day 100 was the best day I’ve had in quite a while; instead of focusing on what’s absent, I concentrated on what’s right here in front of me.

In the early hours of the day, when I should have been sleeping, I checked on Ramón and was taken aback by how beautifully peaceful he looked. Excluding the headband, he looked just like he always does at home when I stare at him in the night like a total creep. The moment felt significant for reasons I can’t explain; something just felt very perfect.

Then, when I got up for the day, I asked the nurse to bring me coffee (not because I’m a diva, but because I’m not allowed to leave the room), and she brought me two cups and plenty of fixings. “These cups are small,” she explained. I was overjoyed to have two cups of coffee – cups of optimism. Later I had some mandarin oranges that seriously exploded with flavor. I also had a grilled chicken spinach salad that doesn’t warrant much attention, except FETA CHEESE! I ate a decadent brownie that was so rich and gooey that I didn’t want the experience to end. But enough about me.

Ramón had a really good day, too. Measured along the spectrum of his entire life’s days, it wouldn’t be near the top, but, independently, it was a lovely day. When I was doing his range of motion exercises, I noticed some positive physical changes. His oxygen saturation was at 100% nearly every time I looked – something I hadn’t seen in a while. Most importantly, though, Ramón seemed alert most of the day. It’s common for him to snooze some here and there, but it was as though the nurse had also gifted him with two cups of coffee.

The day was made magical by the kind messages you all sent him. I was flooded with emotions as I read and played them for Ramón. It’s hard to know how much my heart clouds my view, but I don’t give any damns. I saw and felt a certain energy and recognition from him as he heard familiar (and even new!) voices. Just when I thought I had a grasp on how amazing he is, your messages to him raised the bar even higher. I’m surprised he didn’t ride his high horse right out onto Clifton Road.

Please keep the videos coming, even if you’ve sent one before. My original goal was 100, and we didn’t quite meet that yesterday. So, as one does with goals, I feel it’s appropriate to reevaluate. However, based on what I saw from Ramón, I’m upping it to infinity. Feel free to use social media posting or messaging, email at drewdotson at gmail dot com, or text. And if you need my number, feel free to ask anyone who might have it (including me).


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