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  • Drew Dotson

Day +8: Doggie doo

Breaking news: Ramon still feels pretty crappy. His counts should start recovering in the next several days, we hope. I’d love for it to be tomorrow, but I don’t want to get greedy. Once Ramon’s white blood cells start coming in, we should see a lot of improvement. Bring ‘em on!

Today was tough, but thankfully Ramon got some much-needed rest. We did half of a lap, but Ramon just wasn’t up to it. I tried my best to keep myself busy, but I did have my moments of simply staring at him while feeling hopeless. It’s very difficult to watch a person suffer; it hurts all the way to my core.

I’ll end on three good things that happened today:

  • Our buddy from food services saw me walking in the hallway and gave me a packet of Jelly Bellies. There was no rhyme or reason; he was just spreading joy.

  • One of Ramon’s colleagues posted photos of her children in Share Love, That’s All shirts. This particular family knows all too well how much cancer sucks, and it was uplifting to see them support a cause I have grown to care about tremendously (www.sharelovethatsall.com).

  • Finally, I was doing some bedtime laps and saw this in the hallway. It must have recently arrived, but it gave me a chuckle. It made me want to keep doing laps.

And, with that, hopefully we feel a little less dumped on tomorrow.

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