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  • Drew Dotson

Day +2: A hare better

Today was better than yesterday in that Ramón's nausea was mostly kept at bay. We haven't yet figured out how to contain these rowdy hiccups, but he's had some stints without them, so let's hope those become more frequent. Ramón's on a few different medications that should help, but the doctor said the hiccups would pass and would just be "damn annoying" (his words) in the meantime.

We did just shy of 12 laps today, so that was an improvement. As we hiccupped down the halls, Ramón received a few southern condolences: "bless your heart" and "poor thing." But we avoided any near run-ins since everyone could hear us approaching.

Ramón has been running a fever, so they started him on an IV antibiotic to be safe. He got up to 103F today, but he's down to 100F now. The nurse said this was common and she'd be surprised if he wasn't running a fever. We're just hoping it breaks soon so he's more comfortable.

Tomorrow morning Ramón has more chemo, so he'll be hooked up to IV meds/fluids continuously until sometime Wednesday. Let's hope this chemo is gentle on him, though we know we're not yet in "the basement" -- the term they use for the period at which his counts are the lowest. Those days are coming, but if we get his symptoms effectively managed by then, hopefully they'll be very doable.

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