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  • Drew Dotson

Day +1: What the hiccup?

--let in the new--

Today is a good day in that it has a plus sign in front of it. Hooray! Given COVID-19 and the havoc it's wreaking on our healthcare system, we were anxious leading up to the transplant date, knowing that the landscape was changing day by day. But we're here, the transplant is done, and Ramón's new cells are working to make themselves at home. Change into your comfiest sweatpants, cells; you're here to stay!

Now, for the not-so-sunshiny part: it has been a rough day for Ramón. He's been fighting nausea most of the day, and we haven't yet figured out the perfect medication combo to keep it under control. Ramón also has frequent bouts of impressively loud and robust hiccups, so that's causing discomfort as well. During some of his better moments, we've walked six hallway laps. I'm hoping we get a few more in tonight.

We knew this was going to be tough, and my goal for tomorrow is to be more proactive in managing Ramón's side effects. To put it plainly, today sucked. But the downs are what help make the ups more meaningful. Here's to a better Day +2!

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