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A decade later and I'm still dancing

Ten years ago today, Ramón came to an improv show and was apparently smitten enough to send a friend request on Facebook. I accepted it because he was attractive, plain and simple. He loved to claim that I made the first move by messaging him, but that was after he looked up my name on the theatre website then found me on Facebook, so you can decide who made the first move.

The improv show was on a Thursday, and I normally performed on Fridays and Saturdays. However, this particular night, a friend’s company was having their holiday party at the theatre, so I requested to be in the show.

Coincidentally, that was also the day of my work’s holiday party, which took place in the last two hours of the workday. Relatively new to the mega law firm setting, I assumed we were allowed to have fun at parties. I had a blast dancing and even learned the moves to the Wobble, which was really picking up steam at the time.

The next day at work, there were many passive-aggressive remarks about my holiday party actions, but I was too busy admiring my new Facebook friend to care.

My message to Ramón was short and sweet:

Late night, huh?

His response was short and painful:

Yup. Thats how I roll.

At that point I had a decision to make. Did I want to pursue a conversation with someone who says “yup” and has an apparent disregard for apostrophes? I revisited his photos and decided to move forward.

Over the next week and a half, we messaged and bantered and looked forward to meeting in person.

When we finally met in person on December 20, 2011, we talked and bantered and looked forward to the rest of our lives.

We still hadn’t exchanged phone numbers, but Ramón messaged me on Facebook after he got home. It read: You miss me.

It was true. And it’s true today. And it will always be true.

But it’s a decade later, and I’m still dancing like my entirely-too-serious colleagues are watching.

The evidence:


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