About me

My name is Drew, and I am female. The female thing isn't particularly important, but I get called "mister" frequently enough that it's worth addressing up front. Most people who know me know I have cystic fibrosis; it's not that it dictates my life too much, but I am very vocal about it because, hey, this thing isn't going to cure itself.

If I were to run into an old friend today, the friend would probably ask, "Are you still doing improv?" I entered the world of improv in 2008, so it has been my top-billed hobby for quite some time. Although I'm not performing improv anymore, my love for it still remains! Improv empowers people to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, and I plan to continue sharing that gift at every opportunity.

I recently ventured into self-employment, and I love it! After working in marketing/communications roles since 2007, I got laid off in March. What could have been a tough time instead opened the door for an opportunity I've wanted to pursue for a long time: freelance writing. Though it took me some time to ease into this new normal, I wouldn't change it for anything.*

*except access to health insurance

Other things I like include our three dogs, cheese in its various forms, being a sports fan, watching game shows, drinking coffee, reading, etc.     


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