Day +12: A turtle's pace

Though time has been moving at the speed of molasses, it’s moving, and that’s the most important part of this process. The testing they’ve been able to do while Ramón is sedated and intubated all looks quite positive. Until they can fully wake him, though, there will be some unknowns. Yesterday around noon they started the awakening process, but it will happen gradually and safely, so it could be a number of days. 

Around this time last year, Ramón and I were hiking at Turtletown Falls in Tennessee, and cancer was nowhere in the mix. Yesterday I found myself Facetiming with my sedated husband. I reminded him how many people love him and are pulling for him, and I let him know that we’re not stopping. 

Although we’re in a holding pattern now, we should know more in the coming days. So, let’s keep rooting while Ramón is rebooting. 


  1. I was just going to send you a tweet to see how Ramon is today. All in all this is good news. When I was dealing with the c-word 10 years ago, I slept a lot. I walked a bit here and there around the house and when I went to the hospital for radiation treatments. I also rode in a wheelchair on the days I was tired. I learned that my feeling tired was my body telling me to slow down and rest. When I rested and slept my body used the energy to heal itself. It could not do both. While I slept my body was always at work. Maybe when Ramon feels better he could go for short walks a few times a day. I was surprised to read he and you walked laps around the hospital ward. Just my thoughts on the matter. Sending you, Ramon and your cute doggies love and healing.


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