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Run Ramon run

A few weeks before Ramon was diagnosed with cancer, he participated in a relay race with a group of friends. The term “relay race” sounds super-fun like elementary school field day, so let me clarify. This was a 120ish mile trail race that includes running through the night, sleeping in tents (if at all), and possibly pooping in the woods despite it being a disqualifiable offense. Each of the eight team members runs about 15 or 16 miles over the two-day period. He’s done this race several times and, every time, the thing he comes home talking about is the late-night trip to Waffle House. Last year, in the days after, Ramon was more tired than usual, but we didn’t think much of it. He also mentioned that his gums were bleeding at the race, so we bought new mouthwash. We obviously didn’t know at the time that these were signs of leukemia; I figured strange things happen when you run an ungodly distance like that – I wouldn’t know. Ramon had a routine physical scheduled a few weeks