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Wear your seatbelt

One of these guys enjoys licking plates in the dishwasher, and the other one has a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow. When we last saw one of Ramon’s hematologists, I asked him if there was anything Ramon could or should do to potentially improve the outcome of the next biopsy. His answer was basically no, then he added, “Wear your seatbelt.” And that sums up cancer, literally and figuratively. The results will take some time, but let’s hope for a smooth procedure tomorrow – and that they still have the cookies Ramon said were “dominating his life” as he came out of sedation last time. The last several weeks have been a welcomed change of pace. As Ramon’s body has recovered from the five rounds of chemo, he’s felt much better than he has in a long time. We’ve been jogging almost every morning, including two days that it was in the 20s, which was downright insane. We hung up some blinds, and nobody got hurt physically or emotionally. Ramon’s even been tackling yard projects while I sit i

tiny kindnesses

We watched a movie, Paterson, the other night, and the main character was a poet. It got me thinking about how much I used to love writing poetry when I was younger. That being said, I'm about to attempt to write a little who-knows-what-form-this-will-take poem. tiny kindnesses a smile, a wave, a hi met with eyes thanks, of course, thinking of you guys listen closely as though time is endless wrapped in a hug, arms fully extended a card, thumbs up, sending love your way hold the door open, have a nice day of the things we do some of the most timeless are the why-just-because, tiny acts of kindness This poem is dedicated to the exterminator who checked our house for critters today. We got to talking after he finished, and it was one of those feel-good chats where two people were fully present. We talked Falcons and chemo and hardwood floors and humility. Thank you, Bill.

Some mumbo for your jumbo

First, I want to proactively acknowledge that this post might be a little bit out there , but guess who doesn’t care? Me! I read something transformative this weekend, and I’m still excited, so I want to write about it. I recently mentioned my introduction to Eckhart Tolle , and I'm about halfway through his book, The Power of Now . As I was reading last weekend, I had one of those epiphanies that made so much sense that I wish I could time travel and experience it 15 years ago. I realize that’s a little ironic given that the book is about now. Anyway, it reads: You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection – you cannot cope with the future.  In the moments I’m at my most vulnerable, I have almost always been attempting to cope with something anticipatory – something my mind has imagined that could be anywhere from thirty minutes to thirty years in the future. They may be very plausible possibilities, or they may