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Gosh, he's growing up

It's crazy how time flies!

The gift of time

Look how fancy we get for other people's weddings and wear jeans to our own! I stumbled across this post the other day and realized I should probably write a sequel - though, really, it's more pertinent now than it was at the time. When we got married, we were young and bright-eyed and thought we were signing up for only one major illness. But life has a funny way of surprising you, huh? Ramon and I knew we were a good team before, but his cancer has italicized, underlined, and highlighted that belief. Our Sundays consist of going over the coming week's appointments between naps, our kitchen is basically a pharmacy, and one of us utters the words "I'm tired" hourly, at least. All things considered, we've found a way to have fun throughout [most of] this wild ride. Even a dumpster fire can be beautiful if viewed from the right angle! CF-Community-Blog/Posts/ 2016/ Asking-for-the-Gift-of-Time /

Share Love, That's All

Tomorrow marks three months since Ramon's cancer diagnosis -- uh, I mean, birthday. A few days after Ramon's diagnosis, surprise visitors arrived at the hospital: Lindsey and Mike. We hadn't met them before, but a mutual friend linked us up because Mike, too, had been diagnosed with leukemia three years prior. I missed their visit (because I was at the doctor, surprise!), but it lifted Ramon's spirits. I now know that, after cheerfully visiting Ramon in the morning, their nighttime plans were vastly different; the evening included a memorial service for a friend who'd lost her battle with leukemia. Imagine the heart and strength it must have taken to spread love on a day of such sorrow. Yet it's what they did and what they continue to do. Lindsey and Mike created a nonprofit, Share Love, That's All, with the goal of paying love forward to those who need it the most. At this moment in time, however, they are deserving of the same love they have committed to