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Making this our bench

Three weeks ago we were stepping into unfamiliar places, and now we're familiar faces. Though we'd love to be home, we've found that 20 days is the hospitalization sweet spot.

x To make an iced mocha drink, get up at 6ish and brew a half-cup of coffee. Then, fill a cup with ice from the machine. Proceed to call the meal line and request a chocolate milk. While waiting on the chocolate milk to arrive, your coffee will cool. On desperate mornings, drink a hot coffee to endure the 30-minute test in patience. Once the chocolate milk arrives, combine all ingredients. BOOM. Optional: Still get Starbucks within the next four hours. 

x Did you know that, after 20 consecutive days in the hospital, you get complimentary valet parking? Strangely, after investing a small fortune in parking, we don't know if we're ready to go home and forfeit this hard-earned privilege. To be continued... 

x You officially reach the point of no shame. This means there's no limit on how long …

Project: Cancer

We're making progress on Project: Cancer, and we hope the countdown-to-home can begin soon. Let's wish for an uneventful next five days as Ramon's immune system is at its lowest. Our spirits, however, remain high!

Donate blood, platelets and kindness

How can you help? That's the million-dollar question! For all practical purposes, we're taken care of, and we are grateful for that. We've got countless food options, tons of entertainment, an outpouring of love, and our attitudes are as good as can be (except when we have to constantly re-authenticate ourselves on the hospital's wireless network).
At this time, our biggest need is rest. The chemo has wiped Ramon out, as expected, and this hospital couch/bed is about as comfortable as I imagine glamping to be. While we focus on loafing around, here are a few things you can do to help out:
- If you're able, donate blood or platelets, join the bone marrow registry, sign up to be an organ donor, etc. Ramon is pictured here receiving platelets (or frozen lemonade) again, and he'll continue to have these (and blood) transfusions as often as needed. There are many people fighting their own health battles, and giving a bit of yourself might mean giving someone new li…

Wiggin' out

No caption necessary.

What a week can do

At this time last week, we had no idea what was coming. We were contemplating birthday dinner options when the doctor called and said to go to the ER -- that it was critical. At 7:12 p.m., I texted, "This is not looking good." Here we are, one cancer diagnosis and a million thoughtful gestures later. "You have an incredible support system," a nurse said the other day, yet she has only witnessed a fraction of your kindness. Thank you for helping us find the sunshine; it's always there. All we need at this time is for you to keep sending the beams our direction!

Buckle up, folks

We're amazed by the outpouring of love we've received over the past several days. We hope to thank everyone individually, but, in the meantime, just know we appreciate you. The chemo is doing its job, and Ramon needs rest now more than ever. We'd like to hold on visitors and focus on healing. As we continue on this journey, here's a picture from one of our favorite adventures: a cross-country RV trip last summer. Here's to the road ahead! We won't cover 3,000 miles, but we'll walk the heck out of some laps in the hospital hallway.

Happy birth-of-a-new-chapter day!

What began as Ramon's birthday ended as the day he was diagnosed with cancer. While we knew May 7, 2019, would be a special day, it became *extra* special extra quickly. Here's what we know so far:

- Ramon has Acute Myeloid Leukemia, cancer of the blood/bone marrow
- Initial chemo (starting May 9) will involve 30 days of inpatient care at Emory University Hospital Tower (Hematology/Oncology unit)
- What comes next will be determined by additional tests
- Given his age and otherwise good health, we feel optimistic

We're still fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ( because, despite his valiant efforts, Ramon isn't gonna outshine CF Awareness Month. (You all would be appalled by the things we're saying as we try to out-sick each other; let's hope humor helps!)

Note: While flowers are lovely, they are not allowed here due to the compromised immune systems of many of the patients. We also need to keep visitors to a minimum…