Keep on keepin' on

(Wow, the word "keep" just got really weird. You know how that happens sometimes?)

My goal this weekend was to watch every episode of The Keepers. Lofty goal, I know, and I am proud to say I succeeded. I am a documentary kind of gal, so this was right up my nonfiction alley. I won't say anything spoilerish -- not that I really could, anyway -- but it got my little brain wheels turning.

Most of the time, when I think about social media, I think about all of the people who have been given voices and widespread reach despite no interest in using it for positivity. If you are curious as to what I mean, take a look at practically any comments section, and you'll see some of the most hateful, misinformed dialogue that you can imagine.

However, those are just the voices that get the most attention. Some people take the bait and argue back. Others try to have an educated discussion. Then you've got the person attacking grammar. Next thing you know, people are calling names and emotional energy is expended in a comments section war with people whose minds cannot and will not be changed, no matter what. A year or two ago, my New Year's resolution was to stop looking at the comments section. I couldn't think of a time when I clicked away from reading comments thinking, 'Wow, what a heartwarming discussion those kind folks just had.'

Watching The Keepers, though, reminded me that social media and its wide reach can be used for a lot of good things. Social media can inspire much-needed, yet much-delayed, justice. It can introduce people who may never have met otherwise. It can shed light on a topic that may not get its appropriate representation in the mainstream media. In the case of The Keepers, it brought together a group of people suffering from the same tragic past, all wanting to heal and promote change to prevent further harm.

The story itself was disturbing, to say the least, but Abbie and Gemma are the kind of people you want behind a keyboard. For all the people typing I BET YOUR* UGLY AND NOBODY LIKES YOU, there are people using the power of the internet to make a difference.

*It pained me to type that, and I have to quickly acknowledge that it was a purposeful error.

If you haven't seen The Keepers, I recommend it. It's not a feel-good type of series, but it's eye-opening and a well-produced story commemorating the life of Sister Cathy.